The First Tattoo || Brotana

  • CHARACTERS → Santana Lopez & Brody Weston
  • WHEN → Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 5pm
  • WHERE → Color Your Skin
  • NOTES → Santana comes into Brody’s shop for his last appointment of the day, looking to get a tattoo. Conversation flows freely and a connection is made.


Brody had just finished up a client – a small tattoo on the inside of a young girls wrist. It took less than twenty minutes, to do, but now he had a good ten minutes of cleaning and sterilizing -the downfall to the job. He was just getting rid of all the excess ink when he heard the door alarm go off, letting him know that someone had walked in. “I’ll be right there,” he called out to the unknown person. He finished getting rid of everything else and changed the cover on all the cords so it was clear for his next appointment that should be here…five minutes ago.  If there was anything that he hated, it was being late. Rushing out he saw an attractive Latina girl sitting on one of the chairs that he had in there. “Santana?” he asked and when the girl turned at the name, he figured that was her and smiled. “Hold on one more second please.” He walked to the door, changing the sign to closed and locked it before turning back to his client. Taking a seat next to her he sighed. “Sorry about the wait, I’m usually on time.” He stuck out his hand and smiled, “I’m Brody by the way, we spoke on the phone yesterday. “ After shaking her hand he asked, “So, what are we doing today?”